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Rubidium enables leading companies to embed
voice commands and text to speech in their products.

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Voice Recognition

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) easily and safely controls any set of functions through voice commands. For example: call acceptance and rejection, device setup and installation procedure (pairing, calibration, interconnection, etc.), voice dialing, music streaming control and music selection.

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Text to Speech

Text To Speech (TTS ) announces any name in any language with a natural and human sounding voice.

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Always-On Voice Trigger

Voice Trigger is an “always on” engine that continuously listens and wakes up when you say the proper “magic word”. Voice Trigger identification uses a sophisticated miniature footprint Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine to run in the background and distinguish between the trigger phrase and the rest of the speech, sounds and noise.

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Rubidium Powers the First Voice-Triggered Headphones with Alexa Interface

Rubidium Ltd., a developer of embedded voice user interface technology, today announced that its voice trigger was integrated into the 66 Audio® PRO Voice wireless headphones, essentially the world’s first voice-triggered Bluetooth headphones with built-in Amazon Alexa. Users can simply say “Alexa” to start interacting with Amazon’s cloud-based Read more

Qualcomm eXtension Program Members Bring Amazon Alexa wake word support for Bluetooth® Audio Devices

Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), today announced that Sensory Inc. and Rubidium Ltd., members of the Qualcomm® eXtension program, are now offering support for the Alexa wake word on certain Qualcomm® Bluetooth Audio system-on-chips (SoCs), namely CSR8670 and CSR8675. Manufacturers will be able Read more

Rubidium Voice Trigger and Speech Recognition Integrates into NXP’s CoolFlux DSP Core

Eindhoven, Netherlands and Raanana, Israel – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI), a global provider of solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world, and Rubidium Ltd., a global supplier of embedded speech processing technologies, have announced today the integration of Rubidium’s multi-lingual Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and always-listening

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