Compressed Speech Playback

Compressed Speech Playback that Works!

Compressed Speech Playback (CSP) offers storage and playback of pre-recorded speech prompts that can be used to play user instructions, device status indications, alert messages, remaining battery time, entertaining content, memo recordings and any other information.

  • Any requirements of pre-recorded voice prompts can be supported to match any set of languages, announcements and voices (even several languages and voices in a single product!)
  • High-quality 16KHz wideband speech
  • Resource conscious due to powerful low-bit-rate compression, as low as 800 bytes/sec for wideband speech
  • Number of prompts in a single product is virtually unlimited
  • A large set of prompts is already available in many languages
  • For unique prompts, Rubidium provides recording services to support any customer requests
  • Voice ‘personalities’ and celebrity voices can be tailor-made to specific requirements