Automated Speech Recognition

Automated Speech Recognition Technology that Actually Works!

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) easily and safely controls any set of functions through voice commands. For example: call acceptance and rejection, device setup and installation procedure (pairing, calibration, interconnection, etc.), voice dialing, music streaming control and music selection.

  • Recognizes any speaker and accent right out of the box
  • Multi-lingual – supports any language and even a combination of languages(!)
  • Can switch vocabularies in real time to follow the dialog’s active state
  • Adjustable recognition sensitivity and timeout
  • Noise robust – suitable for automotive, office and other noisy environments
  • Patent-pending barge-in support allows the user to start speaking while voice announcement is still active
  • Keyword Spotting and voice-trigger capability
  • Zero latency – results provided immediately when the user stops speaking