Amazon Echo Experience

Amazon Echo Experience

“Amazon’s Echo” voice triggered devices are constantly growing in popularity.

Amazon has enabled access to 3rd. party devices, supporting  the “Alexa” Voice Trigger word, which opens up the door to a wide range of services and options.

The “Alexa” enabled devices are everywhere nowadays, ranging from the Home Kitchen to the office environment. These devices have grown smarter and  are becoming more useful and relevant in more and more fields of life every day.

The key, of course, to interact with any of these wonderful devices, starts with the simple, one word  wake word – “Alexa”, and that is just what we do here at Rubidium!

Rubidium has been in the Voice User Interface space since 1995 and has dozens of millions of its technology components installed in a large variety of products.  Recently Rubidium has  developed a best of breed Alexa Voice Trigger that can be used in “Amazon Echo” like devices to bring a resource efficient and best performance to such devices.

Our company has been recognized by Qualcomm and Amazon as one of the only companies who can integrate the “Alexa” voice command into any supported device.

Rubidium’s wake word algorithm can be implemented in a large variety of hardware platforms and in conjunction with your specific applications.

From a smartphone App  to a Bluetooth speaker, you can add our voice recognition technology and Amazon’s “Alexa” cloud based services.

Contact us for more details, or request a demo so we can get back to you, and bring the Amazon Echo experience to your device!