About Rubidium

Founded in 1995, Rubidium is a recognized innovator specializing in embedded speech processing technologies for mass market applications. Rubidium introduced the Rubidium Dialog Engine the world’s first embedded dialog module supporting speech input, speech output and intelligent interaction management technologies. Following, Rubidium developed a comprehensive Voice User Interface (VUI) offering, delivering today’s best available suite of embedded Text-to-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Speech Compression and Biometric Speaker Identification software, chips and applications.

Rubidium technology is now embedded in over 50 million consumer products with customers and partners including leading global brands such as RIM (Blackberry), GN Netcom (Jabra), Panasonic, Uniden, CSR, Mattel, General Motors, Electrolux and many others.

Rubidium’s technologies are found in a wide array of markets and industries including telephony, smart toys, assistive devices, consumer appliances, biometric devices, and many other products where ease-of-use, intuitive operation, accuracy and safety are a concern.

Rubidium enjoys a unique distinction in the speech processing marketplace in that it does not rely on third party products to complete its technology. All of Rubidium’s technology is developed in-house by a team of experts with years of industry and academic experience. The technology is available as a chip or software. This provides Rubidium’s clients with a robust and flexible solution, customizable to fit their current and future speech processing needs. Rubidium markets its products directly to OEM/ODMs and manufacturers of consumer appliances and devices. Rubidium products include:

…and many more customized solutions.